C & C Dental 5K

Our C & C Dental Family Friendly 5K is perfect for everyone – from runners to walkers! Come out and be a part of an exciting Marathon event. Watch the USA Fit Marathon and Fort Bend Kia Half Marathon start…….then line up and chase them down! Follow 3.1 miles of the marathon course. Enjoy the excitement of being at a long distance event while having less distance and more fun!!! Every 5K participant receives a Finisher medal and shirt.

The Competitive (electronically timed) 5K presents awards 1st thru 3rd place in male/female age group awards, along with 1st place male and female overall, and masters winners! All 5K participants receive a shirt at packet pick up if registered by January 15th. You can choose to be electronically timed in the competitive event or just go out for a good time with friends and family!

You can also elect to start or become a part of a “team”. The Team can consist of participants from any of the three events. We will take the average pace of the team members to crown first through third place teams…..nothing like friendly competition among runners/walkers.

School Challenge. Are you part of the “Fittest” school in town? The school with the most participants (combined from all 3 events) will win the right to display our Fittest School Traveling Trophy for the next year and $250.00 in PE equipment.  There are 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes as well. Jan Schiff Elementary was the 2017 Fittest School…..will your school take the Trophy away?

New in 2018 – School teams with at least 20 participants (combined from all 3 events) also benefit by receiving a donation from the USA Fit Marathon of $5.00 per participant (participants using a discount code to register do not qualify). School Team Captains can follow their progress and donations are mailed after the event.